Sunday, September 04, 2005


Too much bad should happen.

This is the mentality of some of us. When something good happens and things are going our way for some time, we start getting this feeling of fear. This is too good to last! Things will change soon! Somethng bad will happen now! Life can't be all good!
I reflected deep on it and realized, this is the silliest thought one could have. It is very ordinary mentality that should not be supported for very long. Once identified it must be removed from our system, since it is a sickness.
The Supreme Being doesn't have a sick human mentality that looks upon His creations and says, "Oh, this one has had a lot of good, lets give him some bad now".
So leave these shackles and chains that hold you back, behind, and advance forward with confidence and faith. There is no reason to be afraid of well being. When you're doing things right and making the right decisions (from the sincere and idealistic standpoint), don't let negative thoughts like such hold you back.
That is positivity!

nice, moving, i donn thk i'll publicize ur blog ... as it's too good for too many ppl to know!
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