Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Tu Zinda Hai

These are lines from a song that we used to sing in High School (CSI). They recently came back to me and these days they motivate me immensely. The song itself was written by Salil Chowdhry in the mid 20th century. I think it was for the Indian Struggle for Freedom:

"Tu zindaa hai toh zindagi ki jeet mein yakin kar,
Agar kahin hai swarg to utaar laa zameen par,
Yeh gum ke aur chaar din, sitam ke aur chaar din,
Yeh din bhee beet jaayenge, guzar gaye hazaar din,
Kabhi to hogee is chaman mein bahaar ki nazar,
Agar kahin hai swarg toh utaar laa zameen par"

The literal translation is:

You are alive so believe in the victory of life,
If there's a heaven, bring it down to the earth,
These few days of sorrow, these few days of torture,
These few days will pass too, after all thousands of such days have passed,
There will be someday a ray of light in the sky,
If there is a heaven someplace, bring it down to the earth"

Although it may seem straight-forward to some, following is my interpretation of it:

I think these words are extremely beautiful and present a powerful concept, especially because of the second line. "If there's a heaven someplace, bring it down to the earth". The idea is to bring down heaven to the earth, contrary to many songs that talk about escaping from earth to the heaven. To me, this is a very high, refined and positive concept!
Let us all hum these words and look work to bring down this heaven to the earth!

p.s.: If someone knows the full lyrics to this song, I will appreciate if you post it as a comment. I googl-ed for them without much luck. Thx!

Sorry, no lyrics. But thanks for stopping by Daily Ramblings

And thanks for answering a silly little wondering of mine. I guess it is possible for two different users to have the same posting name on blogger.

Here's to rising from the ashes.
i'm not lying.e1 v used to sing ths song.just f'gotten other lines.
sorry , can't provide any help.;)
Indeed very meaningful lines
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Link To The Lyrics!!! Enjoy.


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